The Ontario Railway Map Collection

Ontario Railway Map Collection

File Alpha 15 released

*Discard any prior copies from Google Earth before downloading this file*

Greetings everyone. This update is centered around Thunder Bay and Toronto.

Thunder Bay (Fort William and Port Arthur) has had its first treatment. All current rail as of the posted 2015 image is in place as well as a great deal of the abandoned tracks in the area but as always, there is much more missing. All five of the roundhouses that existed in the two cities have been marked for location and four have had their footprints marked out. The CPR had two, GTPR one, CNOR one and the CN one. None exist today but the ruins of four are still present in the 2015 image.

Geodetic maps posted to the Toronto Library website from the 1950's have allowed me to add many new sidings and superior maps for the Junction area as well as West Toronto and Runnymede CPR roundhouses. Liberty Village and the yard at King West have been added. Once again there is so much more to do.

Thank you for your continued interest my work.

File Alpha 14 released.

Google Earth finally put a high resolution image over Smiths Falls and it has it's roundhouse now.

File Alpha 12 released.

A major revision to the Ottawa area has occurred due to new images over the area and also because of new aerial images from 1958 available online here:

In the Ottawa maps the New York Central Mann avenue yards haven't been changed because they were gone by then, nor has north of the Union station coach yard or any of the various local trams and lumber yards, but just about everything else has. Changes include the Bank and Isabella yards, the CNR and CPR roundhouses still present in 1958, Ottawa west, Chaudière, Lebreton Flats, the old CPR right of way and the newer tunnel right of way under the Rideau canal plus I have re-aligned most the lines in and out of Ottawa, marked as many current and historical bridges, culverts, and tunnels as possible and added many new spurs. The area between Walkley yard, Hawthorne and up to Hurdman has received a great deal of new additions that remain largely unidentified. Several new additions take the CNR further north into the Ottawa River at Lebreton Flats than I was previously aware. These aerials have been a fantastic resource.

I have also taken the time to update the Kingston subdivision between the Quebec border and the east side of Toronto with double track and all visible sidings, spurs, crossovers, bridges etcetera. The Maynooth subdivision got redrawn due to clear images but the image over Smiths falls remains too poor to do any accurate maps of the yards. Other new additions include the CN/GTR yards at London. Excellent 1920's era geodetic maps became available online and I was able to draw all abandoned tracks with both rails represented to standard gauge throughout. I have also done this for the London and Port Stanley and the London Street Railways within London. It is my most detailed work to date.

Recently I received a package of over five hundred zone maps and keys for Ontario and will be very busy adding data from them to the map. Unfortunately this did not include any Ottawa plans but does include most of the CN Kingston subdivision as well as a concentration of Niagara region and elsewhere plans.
Thank you for your continued interest in my work.

File Alpha 11 released.

The main lines for the Canadian National and the Canadian Pacific railways have been completed to the Manitoba border. Stations have been marked based on timetable mileages. I am now marking other railway related architecture such as bridges, culverts, tunnels and detectors. Subdivision mileages are being included with all new architecture markers where available. Station numbers and telegraph codes have been added to the station markers where available. Station photo links are also included where available.

Division points and there service facilities are the next goal. I am seeking submissions related to railway yards, roundhouses and related service structures. Track plans are most welcome. If you see something is missing please let me know. If you have a map of the missing features or tracks even better.

 Thank you for your continued interest in my work.

File Alpha 3 released

Many photos have been added to station markers. A detailed map of Owen Sound CPR is now included.

Update  - file Alpha 02

This update includes the Canadian Pacific Railway Soo branch, the Algoma Central and Eastern Railways and the Lake Huron and Northern Railway.

Anyone with yard and siding maps for these or any current or historical railways is encouraged to contact the site owner.

Please remember to discard your previous map file from "My Places" in Google Earth.

My work is not perfect but your help will get it there.