The Ontario Railway Map Collection

Ontario Railway Map Collection

The Ontario Railway Map Collection

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This is an ongoing project to plot both existing and former Class 1 steam and diesel railways of Ontario using Google Earth. We have uploaded the map as a KMZ file which may be accessed in Google Earth or ArcGIS Explorer. Both programmes are freely available. Any other programme that supports KML will also be able to access this map, including ArcGlobe.

The map layers are organized into current (existing) trackage and abandoned trackage. These sections are subdivided by railway in a directory tree and essential details including when a particular railway was constructed, changed hands and if applicable, abandoned are also included where possible. Simply left clicking a line or icon will bring up an information box. Note that as this is an ongoing project, it is incomplete at this time and is currently available only as an alpha release.

We envision that this map can be added to or modified in many ways. For example, the layers contained in this map could be easily reorganized so as to illustrate the chronological evolution of the railway system. It could also be expanded in a particular area to give a more local perspective, or integrated with other data such as roads and buildings to give an expanded historical image of a certain place or time. If you seek to change and subsequently share the files in this map, please see the distribution license at the bottom of this page.


The ultimate goal of this project is to provide an easily navigable and freely available source for information on the Southern Ontario railway system both in its past and current states. In order to achieve this, we have included a number of features to make the data easy to understand and navigate

  • Currently active railways illustrated with bold 5pt. lines; abandoned lines in 2.5pt lines.
    • Spur lines and yard tracks shown where possible
    • Interchanges/junctions shown.
    • All tracks will be shown where they are known.
    • Tracks in use for less than 2 years may not be shown.
    • All lines colour coded for owner/operator: green for Canadian National Railway, red for Canadian Pacific Railway, dark blue for American railroads and light blue for independent railways and industrial trams.
    • Where lines are owned by a non-railway interest (such as a municipality) but operation is contracted to a railway, the colour used is light blue.
    • Railway lines, as well as other features such as stations can be made invisible or visible to show the railways as operated at certain times, by certain companies, etc.
  • Railway lines are organized by ownership, so that railways that have been merged are represented as subdirectories of the resultant company in the directory tree.
    • Object properties contain information on construction and current status.
  • Stations shown as placemarks; balloons with a star are stations in service, balloons with a square are stations no longer in railway use, balloons with a circle are stations that have been moved and empty balloons are demolished stations.   

All main-line railways in Ontario are now included in the map. The focus now is on filling in details such as sidings, spurs yards and historical information. I have tried wherever possible to uphold a high standard of accuracy and exactitude in every aspect of this project. Therefore, I welcome any contribution of information (maps, track plans and zone maps with keys are particularly welcome!) to help refine, revise or expand any portion of the map.


Paul Delamere - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


The map data and information contained in the Southern Ontario Railways Map is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. To summarize, you are free to share and modify this work in any way so long as you appropriately attribute it and distribute under a license identical to this one. Official License.


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Release Mark: Alpha 19

Last updated: 12th September 2021


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Paul Delamere